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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dialog in the market

Hello all learner Indonesian language
Apakabar para pemelajar bahasa Indonesia?

I will share about simple dialogue. This dialogue between two boys in the market. In this dialogue we will find some antonym word. Before read the dialogue please recognize some vocabulary.

Pasar: market
Sayur-sayuran: vegetables
Membeli : Buy
Lantai: floor
Harga: price
Buah-buahan: fruit
Mahal: Expensive
Murah : cheap

This is the dialog


Rudi bertemu Budi di sebuah pasar
Rudi meet Budi in The Market

Rudi: "Budi kamu mau beli apa?"
Budi: "saya mau membeli sayur-sayuran, oh ya di bagian mana ya lantai atas atau bawah?"
Rudi "kalau sayuran di lantai bawah"
Budi: "saya juga mau membeli baju untuk ayahku"
Rudi: "kalau yang besar harganya agak mahal, kalau ukuran kecil tidak mahal"
Budi: "saya juga ingin membeli buah buahan"
Rudi; "ada yang manis dan asam harus hati-hati memilihnya"

You can practice this dialog with your friend. Choose your friend to practice.

Here  is (English translation)

Rudi: " Budi What will you buy?"
Budi: " I want to buy vegetables, oh ya where is the floor? up floor or down floor?
Rudi:" If you want to buy vegetables in the down floor"
Budi: " I want to buy shirt for my father"
Rudi: " If you want to buy big size the price is expensive, if you buy the small size the price is cheap.
Budi: " I also wants to buy fruits"
Rudi: " There is sweet and sour please becarefull to select it"

You can found some antnonym in dialogue above

lantai atas x lantai bawah  up floor x down floor
manis x asam               sweet x sour
mahal x murah             expensive x cheap
besar x kecil                 big x small

Now  after you have practice you can answer this task bellow.

For take Task

Next activity

Learn about what do you like

Learner will answer question by click here and choose the answer according to what i like.
for example 
saya suka mobil....(mahal/murah) I like ....car (expensive/cheap)

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