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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Free Indonesian Language Online Quiz and Game

Hello Indonesian Learner
"Selamat Pagi Apa kabar"

Do you know how that gain vocabulary easily and fun?

Now will share you to all the Indonesian learner about Quiz online and Games online. Quiz online for practice and mastering your knowledge about language or mastering your reading skill. Game online for gain Indonesian vocabulary more.


This is a new update list Of Indonesian Quis Online. You can learn according your level of Indonesian language. There is many kind of quiz. Most of quiz is multiple choice quiz. You can try and practice to master your Indonesian skill. This quiz also help you to gain Indonesian vocabulary and learn grammar. Learner can visit this site www.Indonesianative.com to learn more about Grammar. Learner also can learn many free online course from⇨⇨ this Link .So lets ready for try quiz.

The learner will have the opportunity to select the correct answer in this quiz. Your final score will be displayed on the last page. This quiz has been optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to conveniently access it on your handheld device. To ensure smooth connectivity, please make sure that your gadget is connected to a Wi-Fi internet network. If you require any free file downloads, please feel free to contact us for assistance. It's also worth mentioning that you have the option to complete the quiz offline.

Indonesian language proficiency is divided into three levels. The first level, Pemula, is designed for beginners or individuals with basic knowledge of the language. In this level, learners will engage in quizzes and games related to fundamental topics such as colors, time, numbers, and greetings, among others. The intermediate level, Madya, represents the second stage of learning Indonesian language. Here, most quizzes and games revolve around grammar and sentence construction. Finally, the third level, Mandiri, is intended for advanced learners. In this stage, learners will encounter more challenging quizzes, particularly focused on texts and complex topics.

All quiz and games can easyly acces without registration or login. Please feel free to use it. Lets study Indonesian Language more Fun 🙋. Here is the link of quiz. (Topik, Link) for example Sumatera Click here, Sumatera is topic question about Sumatera Island and click here is link.

1 Quiz for Pemula/ Level 1

Introduceself Click here
Introduce Other Click here
Daily Activities Click here
Synonym Click here
Animal Click here
In The market Click here
Hotel Click here
Delman Click here

2.Quiz for Madya/ Level 2

Teks Berita Click here
Conjuntion "lalu and setelah itu" Click here
Word "adalah" Click here
Prefix Me-kan Click here
Advertise Click here
Transportation Unique Click here
Traditional dance Click here
Bandara dan Pelabuhan Click here
Televisi dan radio Click here
Hobby Click here

3. Quiz for Mandiri/Level 3

Culture of Sumatera Click here
Culture of Aceh Click here
Culture of East Java Click here 
Culture o Bali Click here

Tourist Place and Indonesia Click here

Update Quiz it will be every month so please
Suscribe or contact http://pesonapapuj.blogspot.com/ us us to get free update monthly


For more games and quiz please visit http://nusantarapsru.blogspot.com/
This games use Flash program. This gameonly use in PC. Please install you Flash program in your PC so you can run the game. Most of the game used to for Basic learner level. New Update game for another level.

1. Basic learner
Greeting Click here
This game allow you to write your name in the white colloum. Lets play and see your final score.

Colour Clik here

How to play this game. Learner please point the circle with the cursor the colour will appear. Next you should answer what is the colour. Remember choose the correct answer. I will give you some vocabularry so you can answer the first question.

Tips: Answer

If you past the game. the game will appear the sentence: " Selamat Anda Lulus" You are success to pass this game. You can continue another game

So teacher and students will easy to use this quiz and game to learn Indonesian Language.
Selamat Belajar

I love Indonesia

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