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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reading Indonesian words

Indonesian language have 26 alphabet and we will read in thai language. How to read we should train and practice to make sure that our pronounciation similar with the native Indonesia. Some of accent may be will be diferent but try to close with the sound of the native is important.
When we found a new word we should know the meaning and how to spell it. the meaning we can found in the dictionary and how to spell it we can known from listen the native.
For more information please check it here

For example how to read the word
Selamat is consist of the alphabet S, e,l,a,m,a,t there is 3 consonant and 3 vocal.

so we can start to read per sylable to be se-la-mat or in thai เสลามาต
and try to practice the other word.

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